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What is Book Adventure? 

Book Adventure is an online platform that is designed to "support parents and home educators with the management, assessment, and motivation of independent reading."

Note: "Book Adventure does not provide printed books, eBooks or digital editions. The program is used in conjunction with a student’s independent reading material."

How does it work?

Their website allows parents/teachers to set up accounts for students and create goals for a certain number of books for each student to read. There are activities that motivate students to read for a given time, such as reading timers. Upon completion of these timed reading slots, students receive game coins which they can use to redeem virtual rewards (which are often games on the site). After finishing a book, students can also get game coins by taking short quizzes on the vocabulary or plot of the book.

Book Adventure has 17,000+ book quizzes and many, many titles, so it is likely that there are activities for the books your child is reading. The games are safe, in-site activities (we've seen some have educational components, too) and adults have the ability to customize which quizzes students take, as well as how often kids can play games.

How much does it cost?

It is free to create an account and begin using Book Adventure; however, the list of activities is very limited. The books that have quizzes and activities are only the listed books under their "recommended reading lists." 

The premium version is $43.74/yr for 1 student. The premium version for 2-5 students is $74.98/yr.

Our thoughts

Book Adventure offers a fun way for students to stay motivated while reading. The games are safe and fun, but they do require points, so students have to read to play! It is also free to try for yourself! You can try it out with your child before purchasing the premium version.

The website gives parents/teachers the opportunity to search and find out if there is a quiz or activity for the book that their child is reading. This is great because it allows you to see if there are activities that go along with your child's reading plan. If you find that Book Adventure has activities for the books your child has read and will read, then this may be a great tool for you.

Click here to go to the Book Adventure website!

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