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Tiny Theatre Pilot Program in DC


From April to June 2019, we worked alongside Black Child Development Institute and held four, bi-weekly workshops with children (grades K-4) in Southeast DC. During our short workshops, we read through scripts and identified the words that the kids struggled with. By the final workshop, we saw significant improvement in the students' reading ability!

Key Takeaways from Pilot Program

  • Theatre increased students' reading confidence-Students who were nervous to read out loud, grew confidence in themselves and their reading ability.
  • Reading & acting boosted comprehension- We noticed that students gained a better understanding of text when they read and acted.
  • Students retained vocabulary better-Associating actions and sounds with new words helped students learn vocabulary quicker.
  • "It helped me focus while reading"-1st grade student. The short length of our theatre scripts helped students stay engaged while learning.
  • Students were eager to read more- Since the plays have fun characters and silly themes, the students were excited to read the scripts.



We've edited and combined our scripts for you to use at-home! Go to Our Products to check it out!

Can I get involved with Tiny Theatre?

If you're interested in volunteering or working with Tiny Theatre, send us a message via our Contact Us page and we'll be in touch!

You can also help out by:

Sharing our profile on Instagram & Facebook, or donating to Tiny Theatre so this startup can grow to reach more families!

More About Tiny Theatre

My name is Ian and I'm a senior at the University of Maryland. I've always loved creative writing, and I'm happy to use my writing to create these scripts for families. If you'd like to talk or have any questions, send me a message on the Contact page!